GDPR Readiness and Assurance



Without a doubt there are a few truths about todays world:


1. online activity is increasing

2. "big data" and the amount of personal data from online footprints is increasing

3. the potential for fraud, theft, accidental loss of data is increasing

4. data regulation is increasing

5. many organisations are not quite sure what to do and hope bad things only happen to someone else.


The data revolution is here. In the UK and Europe (and applying to further afield also) a new wave of data regulation is about to be launched. This is GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and will hit home on 25th May, 2018. But ... are you ready? If you aren't - quite honestly, you need to be.

We at Alt3 are considered to have a high level of data protection expertise. This is the same for GDPR. We have made it our business to be experts. And as experts we have created a UNIQUE GDPR readiness mechanism which will give instant visability of the strengths and weaknesses of YOUR organisation so you can focus finite resources to become GDPR compliant.


You have significant legal obligations. The GDPR Readiness Mechanism:


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