Global Change ...

The world is changing. The pace of change is increasing. Political, social and commercial pressures are increasing. Costs are increasing. You need to understand how and why the world is changing in order to understand what the world will change into - and therefore the opportunities and threats that are and will present themselves.


This is the science of "future risk" - the internationally recognised Alt3 expertise in global dynamics, change and security. It is designed to give you visibility of the impacts affecting YOU. This is information you need to secure the future ... for your business or for any other purpose.


Success is the product of preparation meeting opportunity.

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What will the world be like in two years? In five years?

What are the unknowns?

How will the known changes impact you?

GLOBAL CHANGE - expertise in emerging threat

Indeed, the world is changing. So many things are changing. The uncertainty is quite possibly higher than ever before. What will the world be like in a years time? In two years? In five years? When you are about to commit a significant investment into transformational change, how can you be sure the change will create benefit within a highly changing world?

This is where we come in. Through our internationally recognised expertise in global change and security - what the worlds changes mean for YOU - our programme of "global insight" we will give you a view of what the world will be like. True, it isn't a crystal ball. It isn't guaranteed, but it will be the best possible view based on our extensive knowledge of global dynamics. And from this, we already know the world is about to experience further significant change and challenge. Would you like to know more?

Also ...


Strategic Insight and Global Change:   creating visibility of the wider regional and global changes taking place, creating visibility of opportunity and threat and how this will impact your business.


Security: how secure is your data and valuable information? Over the last few years that which has been considered secure has been found to be very, very unsecure with the result that significant information / data has been stolen - and released.


Counter Terrorism: defined strategies and implementations to counteract the rise in extremism and subsequent terrorism. Understanding the threat, the impacts - and the long term consequences.


Planning for the unthinkable: scenario planning for the impossible - and preparing for the unthinkable in a fast moving, dynamic world. The unthinkable doesn't always just happen to someone else. And in a fast changing world ... the unthinkable happens often. Just look at the news. Are you prepared?



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If you don't understand the risks, how can you prepare? Can you afford to let the issues be blurred? Because life isn't black and white.