The world is changing. The pace of change is increasing. Quite rightly, within a highly dynamic and changing landscape, organisations of all shapes and sizes need to change in order to remain relevant and cost effective. Yet we live in a world of finite resources where success rarely happens by chance.

Success is when opportunity meets preparation. You supply the opportunity. We supply the preparation.Quite rightly organisations spend vast amounts of money on "transformation" and organisational change. They need to make this investment count. They need to get it right first time.

This requires strategy alignment. It requires orgaisation. It requires a clear focus on what needs to be achieved. It requires someone who has done this before and can ensure success.

This is something that should never be left to chance because success rarely happens by chance.

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We know how the world works. We know how the pieces fit together. We know how to make these pieces move. Each piece is a programme of work - and they seriously need to be managed.

We have specific expertise in PROGRAMME MANAGEMENT.

We, at Alt3, have extensive experience of programme management and how all the different, and sometimes competing, pieces move together to create organisational change, transformation and competitive advantage.

We organise. We plan. We deliver. We involve all parties in a highly inclusive process that saves time snd money and allows you to be "faster to market", becuase if you aren't ... someone else will be. This is the dynamic 21st century.

Our programme management is unique. It is unique because of the way we plan. Planning is the key to success.

We take the weight off YOUR shoulders. Would you like to know more? Also ...

Negotiation: creating and maintaining commercial advantage through the negotiation of complex contracts. 2. Overcoming conflict through negotiation - essential in a fast changing world to create sustainable advantage and benefit.


Programme Assurance / Governance: ensuring the proper programme mechanisms are in place to provide consistent and successful programme delivery to reach the required strategic objectives.

Rescue: turnaround, improvement, efficiency of in distress programmes of activity - creating assurance to secure all possible business benefits from the investment provided - creating alignment and "back on track" progress.


Organisational Change: the evolutionary change and development of organisations within a fast changing world, creating shared focus, goals and benefits.


Outsourcing Optimisation: optimising existing outsourcing arrangements to produce the full suite of business benefits originally envisaged.

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We make things happen. We make them happen when they should happen, at the agreed cost, for the agreed benefits.

If something has already gone wrong ... then we will come in and fix the problem. We will "rescue" your programme, to ensure it is back on track as soon as possible - and delivering.

And why do so many programmes fail or come under severe stress? Many organisations quite rightly invest vast amounts of money into transformational change ... but then they find the cheapest possible resource to manage this vast investment. And so things start to go wrong.

This is where we come in.

In todays dynamic world you can't afford to sit still.

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If you don't understand the risks, how can you prepare? Can you afford to let the issues be blurred? Because life isn't black and white.